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General Terms and Conditions


The Client:  the individual or business that has booked the service.

The Supplier:  Tony Carr.

The Performer: Tony Carr or substitute agreed with the Client.


1. Full payment for the services are due either on the day of the service being delivered or within 14 days of the date stated on any invoice provided.

2. If the Client cancels the service with less than 7 days notice, full payment is required. If the Client cancels with less than 14 days notice, 50% of the fee is required.  At the Supplier's sole discretion, an alternative date for the service may be agreed. 

3. Other than at the Supplier's sole discretion, deposits paid are not subject to refund in the event of cancellation by the Client.

4. If for reasons beyond the Supplier's reasonable control and upon agreement with the Client, the Supplier may provide a substitute performer for the same agreed fee.  The the Client does not accept the substitute performer, a full refund will be given.


5. The Supplier will perform services as listed on the website or as otherwise directly agreed with the Client.  The Client will be responsible for ensuring that any significant variance to the services listed or agreed is communicated and agreed with the Supplier as least 48 hours prior to the performance date

6. The Client will be responsible for any damage caused to the Suppliers equipment by the Client's guests or customers.

7. The Client is responsible for providing an appropriate performance area for the service.  An appropriate area includes but is not limited to;  Sufficient space to perform; not in area that allows guests or customers to stand or walk near the Suppliers equipment; ensures that the Supplier's equipment does not get wet, provides safe access to electrical power if required.

8. Any licensing that may be required to play music in a public place will be the responsibility of the Client.

9. In the event that the Client's guests or customers are violent or abusive, the Performer may stop or cancel the services at their sole discretion.  In such circumstance, full payment is required.

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